Rachel Botsman: “Your reputation is your most valuable asset”

“By the end of the decade, a good online reputation could be the most valuable currency in your possession.”

Thanks, Rachel, for this great Wired magazine article about the emerging reputation economy. We agree with you about how important personal and business reputation is becoming to unlocking an entirely new layer of value on the Web. As the social web becomes more noisy, crowded, and gamed by attention seekers, it become steadily harder to discover and connect with people and businesses you trust. Verifiable reputation is how to cut through that clutter.

Not all reputation systems are cut from the same cloth, however. Rachel’s article asserts:

When asked for the sources upon which a user’s trustworthiness is based, reputation startups list the usual suspects — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter — but refuse to go further, saying that the algorithm is proprietary. For these trust-validation services to become credible they’re going to need to differentiate their products from those offered by companies such as PeerIndex, Kred and Klout, which collect digital information from different social-media sources.

Rachel, we invite you to look much more closely at Connect.Me and the social business card. It displays vouches from other Connect.Me users that are not based on any proprietary algorithm. They are direct statements of respect from your peers in the context represented by a specific tag.

 Since all vouches are public, they are transparent and accountable — just click on any tag on a social business card to see who has vouched on that tag, and how many vouches that person has in that same context.

We believe this is what a sustainable, scalable p2p trust network looks like.


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