March 27 Voice America Broadcast: Trust on the Internet

[UPDATE: The broadcast is now available online - see the post above.]

This coming Wednesday March 27 (9am PST, 12noon EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET), Connect.Me and Respect Network co-founders Drummond Reed and Marc Coluccio will join Respect Network Founding Partners Xin Chung of TrustCloud and James Varga of miiCard as guests of Connect.Me Trust Anchor Nadine Hack on a one hour Voice America online broadcast called Trust on the Internet. You can listen to it live or any time after the program at this link.

Nadine, who is CEO of beCause Global Consulting and Executive-in-Residence Emerita at IMD Business School, is one of the top 100 thought leaders in trustworthy business behavior. She has worked for decades on how to create and maintain engaged relationships to improve productivity and profitability, and has developed a framework Strategic Relational Engagement (read more here or watch here). Most recently Nadine gave a talk called Adversaries to Allies at TEDx PlainPalais.

On this program Nadine and her guests will focus on the work that Respect Network, Connect.Me, TrustCloud, and miiCard have been leading to build a more trusted Internet. They will discuss the Respect Trust Framework, the legal foundation of the Respect Network published by the Open Identity Exchange, and explain different aspects of peer-to-peer online trust infrastructure implemented by Connect.Me, TrustCloud, and miiCard, all of whom are Founding Partners in the Respect Network.

Please join us for what should be a fascinating in-depth discussion of this vital topic.

  • Nadine Hack

    Drummond – I so look forward to this discussion as I believe many people will learn
    a great deal about how best to create, measure and protect trust on the
    Internet. I am delighted that you and your colleagues, all of whom have
    been pioneers in this field, will join me for the program.

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