Listen to “Trust on the Internet” – and Watch “Adversaries to Allies”

The one-hour one hour Voice America radio episode Trust on the Internet is now available. Originally broadcast Wednesday March 27 as part of the Trust Across America series, it features Connect.Me and Respect Network co-founders Drummond Reed and Marc ColuccioXin Chung, CEO of TrustCloud, and James Varga, CEO of miiCard. Starting with an explanation of the Respect Network and the Respect Trust Framework, the show goes on to explain how Connect.Me, TrustCloud, and miiCard are all providing new services that enable individuals to carry portable, verifiable identity and reputation credentials across different sites, breaking out of the traditional “silos” of trust (eBay ratings, Amazon reviews, etc.) and enabling collaborative consumption and the sharing economy.

The show was hosted by Nadine Hack, CEO of beCause Global Consulting, who has her own expertise in building trust: she recently gave a talk called Adversaries to Allies at TEDx PlainPalais. Highlighting her work with Nelson Mandela and other key figures in industry and politics, she explains what it really takes to build bridges of trust. We are proud to have her as a Respect Network Trust Anchor.

  • Nadine Hack

    If you listen to the radio show with four brilliant pioneers of creating, measuring and protecting trust on the Internet – Drummond, Marc, Xin and James – you will learn a great deal from them. As the host, I did!

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