Connect.Me and Social Media Missions

With Connect.Me invitation links now active, users are starting to invite others via their Connect.Me cards. For new users in particular, one popular way to this is by posting a mission on Empire Avenue (EAV) or similar sites. But Connect.Me is a reputation network, not a social network. So the rules are different. Here’s what is and is not acceptable in a mission involving Connect.Me:


  • Sharing a Connect.Me social business card to promote your online presence and capabilities
  • Inviting people in your network to join Connect.Me via the invitation link on your Connect.Me card
  • Inviting people who know you (personally, professionally, online or offline) to vouch honestly for you

Not Acceptable

  • Offering to trade vouches with others who vouch for you
  • Buying or bartering vouches
  • Promoting or suggesting anything other than honest vouching by people who genuinely know and respect you and your work

The problem is that some heavy EAV users are so used to powerful social media game dynamics that they don’t realize the importance of the honest vouching requirements of the Respect Trust Framework. (This is also why we enforce vouch limits, in particular a new limit of 5 vouches per card, so it further highlights the value of a vouch.)

The good news is that Connect.Me users who have earned the highest trust level — called Trust Anchors – are now helping spread the word on EAV and other sites about what is different about social vouching and why honest vouching is so important. We thank those Trust Anchors for helping to build a strong and vibrant trust network for all of us.

If you see a social media mission that is not compatible with honest vouching, please point the author at this post (the short link is, or refer them to a Trust Anchor for more information (or if necessary contact us at complaints — at — connect — dot — me).

  • DES Daughter

    Very clear and easy to understand, thank you, shared :)

    • http://Connect.Me/ Marc Coluccio


  • Cosmic Doggerel

    Thanks for this important piece of information

  • Laura Sykes

    An important clarification

  • Prem Gaire

    Thanks for this important article. I was thinking to make a mission about asking for vouches. Now since I think that it will be unethical and incompatible with honest vouching, I’ll just focus on my core activities. Thanks again! By the way, this STEVENJH’s mission is great which led me to this page! Many many thanks to him!

  • Amanda Fox

    Does the policy have any teeth for enforcement though? 

    • drummondsreed

      Amanda, yes, the enforcement “teeth” is the Complaint provision in the Respect Trust Framework. If peer pressure is not enough, a complaint can result in a user’s trust level being demoted for a period of time proportional to the seriousness of the complaint. And since users cannot simply go “register another account” (that’s why we have the One-Person-One-Account rule), that should become a serious disincentive to game the system.

  • Andrew Baker

    Very well said, Drummond.   Thanks.

  • Facebook User

    This is great – I’m glad you pointed this out as clear as it is. Thanks a lot!

  • abhz79

    nice…. makes a lot of sense :)

  • abhz79

    I am all for it :) the suggestion makes more sense and will help us ACTUALLY rely on the vouches.

  • Yagya Gaire

    Neat and Clean! Thanks for showing us the path :)

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